i was wondering if it was possible to remove (or just cover up) fretboard inlays on guitars. i'll be getting an LTD AX50 soon and, for reasons unknown to me, i hate the dotted inlays. is there anyway to get rid of them or simply cover them up?
it is possible to pull them and plug the wholes, but theres and chance that itll play shitty after that. your probable better off getting a new fretboard. there not that expensive, 30-50 bucks
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you can get vynal fretboard stickers. to remove then you have to apply wood to the fretboard so the woo expands and glue melts, and out it comes. but then there will be holes where your inlays were, which would be a bad idea.

but the stickers home in different shapes, so you can find hat you like and make the guitar look unique.
I doubt that's something you want to get in to. I would just get used to the dot inlays. haha. It's not worth the trouble, money, time, or risk to get rid of them. It is certainly not anything I would dare tackle without prior experience.
Getting rid of them will cost as much as a new guitar.

Try http://www.inlaysticker.com/ and look for a style you like. Something like the Vine of Life might not cover them up directly, but it'll be pretty, and most of the styles will go over the dots.
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What you could do is drill them out and fill the holes with rosewood (or ebony or whatever wood the fretboard is) dowels. You'll still be able to see them but it won't be as obvious as white dots on rosewood.