Just thought of something cool.

Since the Rick 4003 has the stereo output jack that can run each pickup to two separate amplifiers and also that the Mesa-Boogie V12 Titan has 2 channels that can be dedicated to two different inputs(or two different instruments)... If the 4003 was played on the Titan it would be an interesting match. There would be lots of possibilities for different sounds since each pickup could have its own set of effects.

What do you think?
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^ *Bang* shot down.

But yeah, I'm trying to do the two lines of effects, with two amps, and a signal splitter. seems the only way to me. if there are others I'd love to hear them.

Also I know a lot of players who run a dry and wet signal which is what I think inspired the blend knob on a few pedals. The dry and wet signal is so the effect doesn't take away the fundamental of of the bass and it still sounds like a bass.

Jesse F Keeler from Death From Above 1979 used a rick with two amps both with effected signals, and Geddy Lee from Rush ended up Tr-amping I think. thats kind of why is tone was a monster.
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