After my guitar lesson I figured I should ask my teacher about a few pieces of equipment I should had. He strongly recommended cables with Neutrik plugs. Would this be a good decision in buying cables, or is there anything else I should look for? I would like to keep it below £15 as far as possible, so is there any suggestions of cables to look out for? Thanks.
You could build a 10-12" instrument cable using Neutrik plugs and Mogami 2524 cable for that price. I live in the states, so my conversion rates would be off, but I assume you price range equates to slightly less than $20(US). For that price range, Mogami 2524 I get for .70/ft and depending on the Neutrik plugs you prefer, they rznge from $1-$8.50. The $8.50 variety being a rt angle Neutrik Silent Plug. Get a Neutrik NP2X-BAG for about $3 and a straight Neutrik Silent Plug for $7.50 and 12' of Mogami 2524 all for under $20. Of course you would have to solder the plugs to the cable, but for that price, you are getting a very good quality instrument cable.
^ Or you could just buy a 15' LiveWire cable from GC for $13.

Obviously that isn't an option for the TS, since there are no Guitar Centers there, but just lettin ya know
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I had this happen to me and the ball stuck in my amp input with a cheaper cable, so yeah, worth buying them.
I personally prefer Amphenol (the really bulky ones that Planet Waves use sometimes) just because they feel much more heavy duty to me.
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I had this happen to me and the ball stuck in my amp input with a cheaper cable, so yeah, worth buying them.

that was a bad thing to happen but still kinda funny situation for others to look at though.
Anyways, definitely get better quality cables. Neutrik are supposedly good plugs but then again stuff happens sometimes like in the pic there
However I'm dying to get my hands on some for a couple of months now, darn hardware stores don't sell them here
I wish I had a platinum credit card to import stuff online from abroad
award session/cleartone or kabl both use neutrik plugs and should be under budget.
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