Hey everyone,
So I'm planning to sell my Epi '56 Gold Top and want to buy an Ibanez guitar (because of their slim necks...now that I have 2 Ibanez's, I simply can't get used to a thicker neck) with active pickups, and preferably piezo. I saw a used SA420XDR with active EMG's at a local music store, and it's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for, except for one thing: it only has 22 frets. I play progressive metal and solo stuff that almost always includes the 24th fret and feel like I would regret getting this guitar if it doesn't have enough room. So, I'm wondering what's involved in putting a 24-fret neck onto this guitar. Other than intonation and the like, would this throw a wrench in some aspect of the playability? Also, where might I be able to buy only the neck and how much would it cost?
prolly not the playability, but you'll have to move that neck pickup which will involve some routing (and a hole where the pickup used to be) and some experimentation as to where to place the neck pickup.

also, you should be sure that the lower cutaway is deep enough for YOUR hands to reach those upper frets without getting caught up.
It would take some work, and if your buying new IMO wouldn't be worth it. You might as well find one that has exactly what you want. Unless you really want and Ibanez, check out some Jacksons. I, myself, love the way Jackson necks feel.
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You will either need a 24 fret neck with last 2 fret overhang, or some serious routing.
Play the natural harmonic at the 5th fret. Now find the same harmonic near the neck pickup. This is where the 24th fret is. As long as the neck pickup is nowhere near this, you will not have to move it, but chances are it will be. Route out to the 24th fret harmonic position and the neck should work. But probably way too much work.
Thanks for the replies
Routing is what I was afraid of, and that's way too much trouble IMO. As most of you said, I would like to just get a guitar with 24 frets, etc. The only reason I was looking at this one (which is used, btw) is because it has piezo and already has EMG's installed.
@User_Name336 and the1967mustang, I have tried ESP/LTD and Dean, but haven't tried too many Jacksons or Charvels...definitely something I'll look into. If the Jacksons have necks similar to those of Ibanez, that'll probably be what I'll go with...
Or you could move the bridge to correct the scale length

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