I am going to courier an amp overseas (UK to europe). Has anyone done this before? what is your best advice on the packaging and which companies should I use?

well you have the basics like get a box and bubble wrap but also add in one of those moister control packets you get with electricals
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I just bubblewrapped the shit out of it, boxed it up and used DHL to send it.

Once it's past your door there's nothing else you can do.

Make sure you do signed delivery aswell so you don't get conned.
I remember seeing someone ask about this in Guitar World magazine. They were shipping an Orange head to Australia from Germany.

Get a box with an additional 5-7 inches of space around the head. Wrap the head in 2-3 layers of bubble wrap (with large bubbles), taping each layer tightly. Assemble the box, tape the bottom securely with several layers of tape along all the edges at the bottom of the box. Place a 4-5 inch layer of packing peanuts in the box, place your amp head in that, and fill the rest, shaking it every now and then to make sure all the peanuts fall into place. Seal every edge with at least 3 layers of tape.
If you shake the sealed box and can still hear the amp moving around, add more packing material until you can feel no more movement inside the box.

I think this might be overkill if you're shipping from the UK to europe, as it'll probably travel by ferry or something.
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