I don't know if this is the right forum to post this in but I'm looking for a singer to sing on one of my songs, he/she'll have complete control over the vocals. This is just a demo so the song is subject to change. If anyone's up to it PM me and i'll send you the song
Sounds like it could be fun. Where are you based and what sort of this did you have in mind? - online or a physical collaboration.
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hey man i just finished producing my uncles album and i wrote some lyrics for a few of the songs. if you want just send me the demo and ill see what i can do with it. ive been looking for something to write and sing on. if you would like i can send some samples of what i have just finished producing so you know what im capable of or whatever.
One of the most useful items left on the children, technology and the brain has just been published in the journal Neuron, is. It is titled "Children, Wired: For Better and for Worse" and was made open access, so you can read it in full online. You'll notice a few Aion money that are out of your usual report on the impact of technology: It is written by cognitive scientists who are actually involved in the research, it is published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, it treats the whole range of evidence, and it has not made any headlines. Although there is a scientific article, it is amazing to read and if you are interested in the area, I recommend it. This is not least because it indicates a lot of counter-intuitive findings in the scientific literature, never from the people who fall within the rule, the spin "I think it's trash culture so it must hurt to be done" line .The take home is that "technology is the brain damage / eating our children / damage our culture" stories simplifies to the absurdity.