I'm going to buy my first guitar, I've had some lessons before, not too much.
I'd like to buy an acoustic guitar, but I don't know sure which one I want yet.
My budget is not too big approximately 100 euro.
I've been thinking to get a Fender SA-105 or a Stagg SW201, if someone can help me with picking...
Or maybe if anyone knows another guitar within my budgetlimit, thanks!

Fender: http://www.musicstore.com/nl_NL/NLG/Gitaren/Westerngitaren/Fender-Squier-SA-105-NT-Natural/art-GIT0019332-000
Stagg: http://www.staffhorst.nl/webwinkel4/Stagg-SW201N--N_art_8503.html">http://www.staffhorst.nl/webwinkel4/N_frame.html?http://www.staffhorst.nl/webwinkel4/Stagg-SW201N--N_art_8503.html
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goto a music shop, play the guitars in price range, decide

if you can't, go on youtube look up reviews for your guitar decisions
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Yeah, I'm planning on going to a music store somewhere this week, but I'd just like to know beforehand...
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