Hi, Ug fellows!
Tomorrow i´ll go to the guitar shop in my town, but i have a few problems and a hope you have some advice for me.
I´m 20, i´m from germany, and I love metal. I practice a lot at home to get the self confidence for joining a band. These days i´m very into Children of Bodom and Lamb of God, but I also listen to music like metallica, nirvana, airbourne, korn, jeff loomis, yngwie, paul gilbert, guns n roses, bb king and even some taylor swift stuff. I play guitar for over 4 years. My current gear is a ltd ec200qm and an Ibanez valbee and today my new Ibanez ts7 arrived, without cables xD, so I have to go to a guitar shop tomorrow and because of that, I can try some gear, too.

My main problem is, that I know lots about gear in theory, that means I know a lot , because I read it in the ug forum (i read posts there every day for a few years), but when i´m in the shop i´m absolutely clueless: There are walls of guitars and amps and I always end up with stuff that I like the look of or the price or brand. The salesman don´t want to help me, because I mentioned the word “metal”, which makes him loose all the respect… and I had a look at their website and sorted the stuff I want to try out… In the end i´m sitting between some amps with a guitar with active pickups (they are metal -.-) and a ss amp… Any advice?

I´m looking for new gear (amps, pedals, guitars), to improve tone and feeling. Tone-wise I want a alexi laiho lead tone, and some lamb of god rythms (and cleans, like in grace), but I can´t afford their equip.
I want to try the engl gigmaster, since it´s the only low wattage amp that suits metal, and is versatile, thwo channels, and power soak, and I can carry it around without other peoples help, but I don´t know about the differences between head and combo, and if I get the head which cab would fit? Would a 112 cab + head beat the combo? I don´t know much about cabs…

When it comes to guitars it´s even worse: I don´t know if it feels good (i´ll have to get used to it I guess), I don´t know If I sounds good, or if the amp sounds good, I can´t tell if it´s good quality…

On the other hand I didn´t find a guitar that beats my ec200 (beside the ltd alexi 600, but I played it through a valve king -.-) and I didn´t find an amp with better distortion than my valbee…

Help Is needed, i´m desperate!
people who act like that to customers should be beaten to death with thier own instruments. go find a new shop.

uhm, in terms of kit, i can really help: i would just try as many amp combos as possible before they kick you out, thats really the best way to do it. ..
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Can you give me a budget in USD?

use xe.com

Don't know much about the Engl Gigmaster. I'll have to look that one up.

What is your used market like?

Also link us to the store you are going to.

6505+ 112 combo gets my vote for now until I learn more.

So the TS7 is a tubescreamer and not a 7 string right
Engl Gigmasters are fantastic.

End of.

They'll cover your metull well and then some, you can get some GREAT cleans out of them and then some deep & heavy chugging riffs.
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budget is like 1000 euro, engls are cheaper in germany, i think.

There is no uses market around here, and engl gigmaster combo and the 6505 combo are both arround 500-600 euro.

Aren´t 50 watt way to loud for bedroom practice (i would like to gig and jam, but i never was able to)

ts7 is a cheap version of the almighty ts9 tubescreamer.

I won´t link the shop... they are great, if you are an old rich blues player...
if i go for the gigmaster, should i choose the combo or head with cab? and which cab? speaker?