I just went online to guitarcenter used and found a used Marshall AVT20X in great condition for $150. I currently have $300 in my allowance. Sorry if i'm asking "obvious" questions, I'm kind of an amp noob . I play from Classic Rock to high gain stuff like metallica and slayer. But i do know my Marshall MG15FX is a piece of crap and i can't wait to replace it

I just have a question, is this a good practice amp? I'm just simply looking for a practice amp for home, i only gig once in a while since i still have high school in the way
Is this simply another MG quality Marshall Amp?
If the distortion isn't high-gain should i get a distortion pedal?
Am i simply better off with a used Peavey Valveking for $300?
Sorry for the amount of questions i just simply need a new amp
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Personal experience with the AVT line.. No good. There's no substitute for good tone.

But if you're looking for a practice amp I'd look at the Roland Cubes.
stay away from it. i had an avt150h for about 3 years and i never liked it, it did not do good metal tones at all
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The AVT series kick Roland's Cube series square ass anyday.

This, although they both kinda suck

My AVT with the stock speaker was too bright and too muddy to do good metal tones, an EQ pedal and a speaker swap fixed that. With the stock speaker swapped and an EQ pedal in the loop it did a pretty decent emulation of Slayer or Converge-ish tones. It also did a pretty decent Insect Warfare-ish tone; but eventually I just ended up using it as a power amp for my POD

Look for an old Peavey Bandit, you can get them for like $100-150 and they slay anything else in that price range.

If you like mostly metal, look for a used Crate GX65C instead, same price range and it sounds like Suffocation/Misery Index/Dying Fetus in a box.
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