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All right you lucky farts! Thanks to the lovely Tim at Bare Knuckle Pickups…you can win a 7 string/erg legion ‘legionnaire’ pickup. After some discussion with him recently, i'm proud to offer this raffle to you all. This stuff doesnt happen take advantage!

“….lol WUT?”
Ignorant FOOL! Recognising Tims fantastic work..a lot of the members sing BKP with the praise they deserve. Beautifully musical pickups that ooze quality from…its your chance to own one.
Prize: A black BKP Nailbomb with YOUR name engraved across the middle of the pickup and ‘7SL’ on the corner to mark the 7 string legion's new thread after the previous reached over 25,000 posts and nearly 50,000 views! Awesome, right? (6 and 7 string option available, to be decided by winner.)

To win: Post in this thread and ALSO PM me with a number from 1 to 1,000 (same number in post and PM please). Upon draw day, Tim Mills at BKP will email myself, a mod and three other witnesses a randomly chosen number from 1- 1,000. The number closest wins! Its as simple as that!

How to enter:
-£5 entry (anything over is more than welcome!), (minimum of 25 entrants) via paypal. (winner to pay shipping and handling)

PLEASE ENSURE YOU INCLUDE ALL TRANSFER COSTS, anything that I receive under £5 will be donated to charity directly with no entry to the competition.

The charity here is Cancer Research Uk, a charity that does great work and needs all the funding it can get. ALL proceeds to be donated.

---Competition opens September 9th and closes on September 30th 2010---
-Please post in this thread to enter, and also PM myself to confirm entry.
-PM me with your paypal address so I know it is you sending the payment please- but payment will not be asked for until 30th September, 2010.
-All profit made from the raffle will be donated to charity, with all the names of -the entrants as the donators under ‘Ultimate guitar 7SL’
-you do not need to be member of the 7 string legion to enter this raffle.
-Tim at bareknuckle pickups will send a number between 1 - 1,000 in an email that will be time stamped 2 days after the raffle has ended to myself, a mod and three other members. This will then be announced in the thread. The number nearest this will be the winning number.
-To ensure security, I will be providing three other members of the Seven String legion with my full contact details, and also a mod.
-If the winner does not stay in contact/ cannot be contacted/ cannot accept the prize, the next nearest number will receive the prize.
-No multiple entries please.

To sum up:
Post a number between 1 and 1000 in this thread, pm me the same number with your paypal details. i will request the £5 entry fee between sept 29th and sept 30th which must be answered promptly. If you wish to donate more, please let me know in your PM and post

Entry Date extended until the END of FEB! (or until we hit £250!!

Yep, ive extended it EEEEEEEEEEVEN further..basically im wanting to hit the £250 mark or somewhere come on guys..this is a great cause and very little money for a chance to be in with a great prize!
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thanks fella, much appreciated.

Paypal is now open, PLEASEEE make sure you have the correct if you are donating £5 and the charges will be 50p, accept the charges. Donations that are not correct will NOT be counted!

ALSO, please make sure your USERNAME and RAFFLE NUMBER are included when you pay so i have identification. i will post a new list of people who have paid tomorrow and it will be updated frequently.

Any problems either find me on facebook or PM me. if you need my facebook, message a seven string legion mod and they will give it to you.

paypal address is the following:

Thank you!

Entrant:Number:contribution in pounds

Mazzakazza:777 :£5
Littlemurph7976: 500 :£5
Zaphod_Beeblebr:666 :£5
AngryGoldfish:114 :£5
Mwoit :419 :£5
ippon:415 :£5
disk11:809 :£10
mmolteratx:436 :£5
gregs1020: 513 :£5
zYx Monster xYz : 333 :£5
guitarguyz61: 775 :£5
kylendm : 678 :£5
SYLrules88: 844, :£5
CoreysMonster 313 :£5
stevo_92: 101 :£5
Tom 1.0 : 754 :£15
littlephil - 223 :£10
Wesbanez : 930 :£10
xXMetal-HeadXx: 367 :£10
Connorhxcchaos: 89 :£10
Bowen: 210 :£6
Godofshred: 7 :£7
Linqua5150: 538 :£5
Led_Head_1990: 713 :£5
rhino1957: 531 £5
JackalUK: 258 £15
loonyguitarist : 602: £10

so were £62 from £250..can we do it by the end of feb?
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Thanks GOS and Tim!

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+1 thanks alot GOS and Tim! Excellent idea.

Littlemurph7976: 500

also, PM'd

EDIT: Mazza you TART! You picked the same number as me!
You ninja bastard
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This is awesome. Having lost family to cancer and having some battle it, I approve of this. I think lots of people can relate to this as well.
Bowen: 210
Thread is now stickied. You have no excuse not to help raise funds here.

Thanks to jof1029 for the help of his supermoding skillz!
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Great charity, really good cause lads.

Tom 1.0

Number - 754


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awesome cause!

zYx Monster xYz : 333

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a big thanks to everyone taking part and escpeically those going above and beyond the ticket price
With cancer affecting 1 in 3 of us, its a charity that applies to everyone. with very close friends who are affected i am personally thankful for donations here guys!
Keep it up!
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Come on guys, this is for a great cause!

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2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
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as im at university, its sometimes difficult to answer PM's rapidly.
you now have a reply mate

if anyone needs to find me, PM bowen or any other of the seven string legion top dogs and they will be able to provide you with my email address or a facebook link
Nice! I only just found this thread. I think this should be publicised a bit more, to be honest, I'm on this site all the time and I never heard that this was going on.

I'll enter and decide how much to donate later.

Good work godofshred!
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