Hello there!

I have been playing electric guitar for round about 4 years now and i know absolutely nothing about amps. I am currently playing lead guitar in a band and all I own is a Yamaha 15w amp (Not TOO bad for a practice amp).

I have about £300 to spend and I am willing to go used. I play a lot of classic rock (GNR) blues (Hendrix), standard rock (Foo Fighters, Audioslave ect.) RATM (Really do not know what to class that as and a little bit of metal (Metallica, Iron Maiden ect.)

I need something loud enough for gigs in front of about 200 - 300 people. We have done gigs like these before but I have had to borrow an amp every time which is a pain in the backside! If it helps I own a Fender Classic Player 50's Strat (Plays like a Dream!) and a Digitech RP350 (I know, don't laugh My band does a lot of covers and it is a lot easier to save patches on that instead of having to ratchet everything back and forth to get the correct sound for each song) Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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if you have play at places with a pa, i would suggest just pluggin the rp right into that. otherwise, i would check out crate, good for loud and since your using the rp theyre a good base for multi fx. also, the usual recomendations of jet city20 blackstar ht5, but this is only an option if you are micd for increased volume.
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Take a look at the VOX AC4 mini stack. You might be able to find it used at right around your price limit. I know...I am biased but it really is an excellent amp and it gets loud.

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