Hey all, I never lurk the acoustic forum (am almost always on EG/GG&A) and i may be in the market for a better acoustic than my stagg acoustic (No clue what model it is).

I mostly play electric guitar and am pretty clueless when it comes to acoustics. Two brands that have interested me are Takamine and Ovation.

I had a play with a Takamine D series guitar (I think) at my local guitar store and it felt and sounded pretty good. I've been looking around and was wondering, is the G series better than the D series?

many thanks all
It's kind of strange that they made that D serie specificaly for Asia/Oceania market.
Both series have cheaper and more expensive models so when it comes to choosing you need to check specs on single guitar-not the whole serie.
D supposed to be entry level guitars(and there are really cheap deals among them).G has wider range,maybe better electronics,more solid top models etc.
I have a limited knowledge of the D Series considering, as said before, they are made only for your market (Asia/Oceania). However, if there is one thing I know, it is that you really can't go wrong with an acoustic guitar that has the Takamine name on it. Just make sure you get one with a solid wood top, and you should be golden.
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I honestly wouldn't even consider Ovation. Ovation's strong point is it's plugged in sound. Takamine, however, uses the same technology since they are both under the same company. As well, Taks sound much better acoustically.
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takamine and ovation are two brands of guitar that don't deliver well in the less expensive price range, nor with laminate tops, but have some nice stuff at higher prices. takamine does make good quality solid top guitars, but the cheaper ones don't have a lot of life to their sound even though the build quality, hardware and finish are very good. solid top medium bowl ovations sometimes sound good, but can be boomy - this can be fixed with the right strings, btw, and then they sound pretty good.

have you checked out yamaha? they make some very good quality acoustic and acoustic electrics with necks that electric players often prefer to brands like seagull. check out the yamaha fgx720sca and fgx730sc.