Hey, I'm taking up playing acoustic guitar again and I was hoping for some suggestions for some good Classical songs to learn, that kinda shred too??

And maybe some songs that just sound really good
Classical Gas (while its on steel string here it can sound awesome on nylon too)

Bouree in E minor - Bach

Air - Jason Becker
(Ok so you'll likely have to do this on an electric, but seriously worth checking out, 1:50 onwards especially)

Most songs by Rodrigo Y Gabriela and Paco De Lucia are pretty damn awesome too.
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Since I just released an album of classical guitar called "The Lost Art", you can hear some pieces yourself in my mp3player on my site at www.randyellefson.com. Scroll down in the player past the first album "Serenade of Strings"

"Prelude 4" does have shred in it halfway in. "Estudios Sencillios" is easy shred. "Canarios" is sort of shred. The latter two are not that hard really.

You can also try "Dee" by Randy Rhoads. That's pretty easy.