Basically title says it all. Me and my friend are starting a mixed A Cappella group at our school (since as of now the only a cappella group is girls only and im a dude), but we can't think of any remotely decent names for the group. (Also, I searchbar'd, nothing)
So any help Pit?
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the high school male only acapella singers
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The C Flats

/Was gonna be my 2nd answer.
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The Worthless Peons

If you want to get sued, then this
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Here Comes Treble

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The Worthless Peons

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The Be Sharps.
The Worthless Peons.
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or a few suggestions if you don't want to rip off tv shows

Empty Orchestra
The Nameless Group
The Unaccompanied Minors (which one-ups the Simpsons' Be Sharps by having two musical puns)
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The C Flats

On a serious note, this sounds pretty good to me.
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Fabio Cappella

If you call yourselves anything other than this, you're fools.
"people with no talent." but that would give away the act XDDD
my best guess would be something like "A capellica" or if you want it to mean something, then something like "OMFG SING!"
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On a serious note, this sounds pretty good to me.

"On a serious note" that actually sounds sensational.

"On a Serious Note"
Si lo ven que viene palo al tiburon
Vamos a darle duro sin vacilacion
Si lo ven que viene palo al Tiburon
En la union esta la fuerza y nuestra salvacion

We Sing A Cappella ella ella ella A

(Shameless rip off of Umbrella)
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Well seeing as Plant Vochestra already dominates the world of acapella music, I guess it doesn't really matter what you call yourselves, as you'll never surpass that genious trio as long as you live.
The Shits

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I see your A Cappella Group and raise you one man Garm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDhwJzpLQeI

So, XWolf (X being the number of people in your band) as tribute? Got nothing else sorry

I see your Garm and raise you a Casey Crescenzo
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