So in about a month I'll be getting my new Schecter Damien Solo Elite guitar for 500 bucks. And I am pleased as pie about it's tone and smooth playability but I've got a Fender 15G Amp and a Squire. A real BEGINNERS set.

It won't sound it's best if I'm playing it on a cheap amp like that.

I figure if I trade them both in, I'll get at least $100, right?

Should I do that or just hold on to the amp and guitar I already have?
Well what you REALLY need is a new amp because most of your guitar tone comes from your amp. I would sell it if you're really dissatisfied with the guitar and amp. If i were you, i would get the schecter another time, and get a really good amp for that price or split the 500 like 250 for guitar and 250 for amp
dont split the money fifty fifty. not a good idea in my book. I am guessing that you want to play metal, and in both cases, replacing your current guitar or amp will result in pretty mediocre tone. When is the soonest you can get more money?
How long have you been playing? If you've only been playing for a short while, don't worry about tone and sound. Work on improving your skill and saving money to buy better equipment later on. Beginner guitarists have no idea what tone is, or what tone they're after. That won't come until later.
not likely you'll get $100 for a trade in on that. you will need a better amp but just save until you can get something decent
I agree with killboy. Splitting the $500 for a $250 guitar and $250 amp is a bad idea. A $250 guitar is not that impressive, neither is a $250 amp.
Actually, since Squires and 15watt amps are so common, you prolly won't get $100 for them. I only know cuz I asked around for how much I'd get for my Squire awhile back and was told I'd prolly get like $25. Not that great a price really...

The amp, you'd prolly get about $40 for.

If I were you, I'd look into buying a new amp asap. But don't break your bank getting one. At this point, until you get more practice and develop your playing more, an expensive amp isn't worth it. Plus, if you decide you dislike the tone, you'd have paid like $1,000+ for a good amp. Then, you'd be out however much you pay for an amp that has a tone you like.
Whether you sell your Squire and current amp, well...if you think less than $100 is worth it, go for it.

Edit: Yeah, please don't buy a new guitar or new amp for $250 each. Bad idea.
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Keep them. You're not going to get too much for them. Just save up.
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Don't buy a guitar right now. My advice would be looking into the amps your favourite bands use. Now you know you can't afford those but you may be able to afford the less expensive ones (with 500$ you can get a really nice amp). Try looking into Randall amps. They're good for metal.

And with the new amp you'll notice a bigger bump in sound quality than if you get a new guitar to play through the amp you own. Believe me I've been there. Then later save up and buy a guitar. My 2 cents...

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