Trying to decide If i should either get a Shure Sm57

Or just the Behringer C-1U

THe reason is If i get the Shure SM57 I'm guessing i can use my POD UX2 as a input box for the mic however I've been having issues with my POD UX2 for months now and I can't get it work correctly, I don't know if having the mic would change this so I'm trying to avoid using it.

THe Behringer is cheaper and is probably suited to my needs since I'm only doing recordings for youtube and just personal preference and stuff

But the Behringer is a condenser


How do you think that would work with micing my amp, The thing is my room is quite noisy and stuff since I use speakers to listen to the mp3 I want to cover and play along with the mic on the grill, Normally this isn't a issue but i've heard condenser picks up more? so maybe I'll have to use headphones?
If you
re just gonna do electric guitar, I would go the 57. Though the condenser will be more useful overall I think, you will need to get phantom power. If you're just doing amps though the 57 really shines.
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Ah ok, well for some reason the POD UX2 started working again And i must admit some of the tones you get from the pod farm are pretty good and high qaulity but I still think I'd prefer to get a proper microphone for my amp, So might get the shure SM57, If it doesn't work I can always resell it