Do you guys know what style of pickup would fit in an Ibanez SR400QM?

Any help would be appreciated.

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A soapbar. However it's that new annoying size Ibanez have put in their newer basses. It's not quite as wide as the old shape (and most commonly used in other basses) nor is it thin enough to be called a slim soapbar as Ibanez make one even thinner (used in the BTB). If you're looking for a replacement, I'd say the easiest thing would be to look for a second hand Bartolini MK1 pickup.

Be careful with measurements, I've bought 3 soapbars for my Ibanez (older version of the SR400) and only one would fit. And never judge the size by a picture.

Good luck!

EDIT : Not been on here for years I forgot to say, check out my profile to hear a comparison between the standard Ibanez pups for my generation of SR400 (The DX pickups) and the Bart MK1s. The MK1s have a darker, bassy tone, in my opinion. I personally didn't enjoy that tone, so sold them and reverted back the stock pups.
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