Right now I have a fuzzfactory and a dd7 for my 1spot power supply. Does the power supply I use affect tone a lot? Should i be getting a better power supply before adding on new pedals or is the 1spot fine? I just find $300 to be quite overkill for a power supply when a $20 1spot will do fine..
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The 1 Spot is fine for most applications. Some pedals use different power supplies or like to have their own power supply, but it'll work for most pedals
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It should be good but my gator pedal power thingy (its gators version of Dunlops brick for $10 less and more plugs) is certainly do me and my pedal board good.Also $300 is way overkill for a power supply most are right around 100 give or take $20
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It definitely affects the noise level. Tone not so much but some will say old style carbon zinc batteries sound better in simple fuzz circuits.
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I used one for a long time, they work well for a few pedals and when you don't care about noise too much. I've come to really hate noise and am moving to a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Iso-5 for mine, which btw is only 110 (you don't have to spend a billion dollars to get a good one).
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