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one of my favorite bands growing up was Bullet For My Valentine. Over the years i notice that they are hated on sometimes by the metal community by them considering BFMV "emo" Personally i don't care what kind of genre people think it is i just think as long as it sounds good i will like it. However if i had to give it a genre i think it would be a combination of emo and metalcore... Perhaps EMOCORE?? Lemme know where you think these guys belong.
I think you're posting in the wrong section.
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They belong in the trash, along with this thread.

I am twelve and Что это?

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Oh, this will end well
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I think you're posting in the wrong section.

Oh am i???
Sorry bout that i kinda didnt see that there was a band section thing... my bad
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Perhaps EMOCORE??

Please die in a horrible accident.
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clearly, the goal is to convert every thread into a discussion about BTBAM