So I finished building this a while ago and I have let a lot of people I know play through it. They all seem to like the way it sounds and a couple of people have asked me to build one for them. The problem I am having is what to charge, so what I would like to know is what you would be willing to pay for this amp. The circuit is basically an old ch*mp but with some modifications to increase headroom and the breakup volume point. Keep in mind that I built the whole thing from scratch, by which I mean I started with a piece of sheet metal, a pile of parts and a pile of wood. Any feedback would be very helpful. -also, if this thread is in the wrong place let me know-
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Take the cost of the materials and then add $10 for every hour you spend building it, maybe?

this is what i do when someone wants a pedal.

prolly bump it up to 15 or so since you are building an amp. but ALWAYS make them pay for the parts.

i like the amp's look, but it wouldnt be smt i'd want. too classy. i'd hate to be gigging hard with an amp that looks like that. too much road abuse, i mean. my $.02 anyway.
I can't tell what size you speaker is (10 inch?)

Assuming you are using quality parts, I would consider it a steal to get your amp and cabinet together for 500USD.

I call that a steal because I have built cabs and am working on a small tube amp, and I know that you probably have 350USD+ in parts/materials there.
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That is a neat amp. I would just add up the total cost of materials, and then charge $10-$20 for each hour you spent on it. For $500 that would be a steal. Looks like a great amp. You should make a video and show us how it sounds!
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