Yeah, so im new to the insides of my guitar and recently i've been recieving this buzzing noise in my amp then silence. I took out my cable and touched it to metal and it made a noise so it's not the cable or amp. I took apart my guitar (only the part where the chord enters) and i saw that a wire was disconnected. I noticed that it worked when i touched it to the metal tip it was originally connected too so i had my dad strip the plastic tubing on it and i placed it on the metal tip. But this time it didn't make a noise. and i dont have a soldering gun so my only way is to tape it on for now. any help?
If you can't solder, take it to a music store that can (or a friend that can at least)
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yeah, I think it just needs to be soldered back on properly. The solder will help make the electrical connection.

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