So I just got something in the mail today....

It's a prototype pedal (and the only one of its kind in existence) built by culturejam aka Forrest Whitesides.

"There's an op amp clipping stage and a traditional Muff transistor clipping stage. So it's like the best of both worlds. The op amp stage has a TL071 with one silicon diode and one MosFET for clipping.

There is a volume control and a high-cut filter control. At bedroom volume, the high cut is not very useful, but when you're playing at stage level it can dial out some shrill highs. The dirt level is always maxed, but you can control the nasty to some extent with the guitar's volume." - culturejam

Clip here (provided by culturejam):
Sick. You got any pics? Particularly guts? CJ builds some nice shit for sure.

EDIT: Nvmd. Too slow. Any gut shots?
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That's pretty sweet, man. Sounds interesting.

ok, just listened to the clip and i take it back. It sounds amazing.