still tired, still sheet wrapped in a blue bed sack on a
mattress stuck to some rugless floor with pins and sap-
somewhere a whale just died, maybe,
or maybe its just lying flat on its side to fu.ck with the tourists-
you were alive, once,
you had a face,
i know, thats weird to say-
times like these i wish i didn't have mine,
so ghosts couldn't see me cry.
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I can see where your going with this,,"hard times" obviously....correct me if im wrong...wheres the rest? this should continue ,,,there should be some conclusion,,you've basically just set us up to the climax here,,one or two more verses with a powerfull ending would really make this epic,,concider it...(as your writing skills are definetly above average)..
there's a whole backstory to this, a very close friend who died of cancer last year and shes someone i used to write a lot about so older users might get it more i guess, i dont know. i will get to your piece, thanks.
it's okay matt <3 those wooden teeth won't ever rot, only smile.
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