Up for grabs is my Carvin MTS. Its a 2 channel with independent eq's,fx loop. 50/100 switch,4/8/16ohm operation, EL34/5881/6L6(currently w sovtek 5881's). In great shape cept for one maybe 2 tiny nics in the tolex. 50th ann. version. Would prefer a straight sale, but could use some active humbuckers, dimario X2N, a boss DR-5, a decent overdrive, or maybe somethin Jackson related(no, not Michael)
I'm havin problems gettin my ics to upload but i'll get em up asap
straight sale $365 TYD(you pay the fees if paypalled) of course if this price seems unreasonable make an offer, but i'm sure you all know it aint cheap to properly pack and ship a tube head.