Know any good songs or bands that have their guitars tuned in D Standard. Preferably some genre of Metal/Hard Rock.
Some of Children Of Bodom's earlier stuff is in D standard.
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Children of Bodom, Necrophagist, Mastodon, Bullet for my Valentine (if you like them), Motley Crue does some D standard stuff I believe, so did Van Halen. Pretty much every metalcore band plays D standard. Sad but True my Metallica is in D too.

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Some of Children Of Bodom's earlier stuff is in D standard.

Nope, everything after their first album Something Wild is in D or drop C. Something Wild was in C#
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Insomnium, ****ing sick band, so underated.
And motley crue...kickstart my heart for example
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-Some Dream Theater songs such as Endless Sacrifice or Rites of Passage
-Gojira I think
-Immortal I think
-Steve Vai's songs Firewall and Kill the Guy With the Ball
-Symphony X
-Wintersun mostly
Dropped D is/was common, D standard much less so. Sabbath went D live in their early days despite the 2 albums being E. Heard that Jimi used to tune thereabouts for shows as well. There's a certain sickness in the sound you get when the strings are really slack.
Devil Driver and Symphony X
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Pretty much every metalcore band plays D standard.

Na, mostly drop c, which is just the bottom string tuned down a full step, so it's easy to change between them, even on a floating bridge.

Anyhow, All That Remains' best album (imo) The Fall of Ideals is in standard D, or at least that's what Hal Leonard thinks in the tab book I've got.

Also, if you're into tech death, definitely check out Necrophagist like people have said, as well as Obscura. Both bands have released tab books themselves. I love having tabs made by bands, since then you know you're playing everything exactly how it was meant to be played.
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