On the lookout for a new amp. I tried the Carvin Legacy, and the lead just KILLS beyond anything I've ever heard. But it sounds a little bit too warm and saggy in the lower registers. Is there any amp out there for a similar price that matches the Legacy's lead tone, but puts out a tighter distortion as well? Any boost pedals that can tighten it up? The rhythm tone is ALMOST there, but it could be a little tighter. If there's an overdrive/boost out there that can tighten it up a bit, then this amp is definitely worth it.
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The Maxon OD808 is a superb boost, it will most certainly tighten up the bottom end. It there are also cheaper options, although, my OD808 has yet to disappoint and would be the best bet.

If you're looking for something cheaper, the Digitech Bad Monkey would suffice, or an Ibanez TS7.
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