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I use a Fender Deville for jamming and gigs and its served me quite well. The clean is... well its a Fender, and the drive channel can get some monstrous crunch. I was wondering if using an overdrive pedal in the clean channel which only has a volume nob would bring a new interesting sound.

Also is it true you can drive the tubes harder by turning off the gain on the pedal and cranking the volume?
That amp responds really well to overdrive pedals, I'd say go for it. It never hurts to have options as far as your guitar rig goes. A decent overdrive with the gain at zero and the level dimed will act as a clean boost. Basically it will boost the signal of your guitar and if it's a good OD it will do so without altering the tone too much. And yes, it will push the tubes a bit harder.
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see if local shops are down with you bringing in your amp to run some pedals through it. they will more than likely be down for it cause itll probably make them a sale. just try out a bunch. i run a ibanex ts9 for the time being to help make my vox pop a bit. works well.
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