Hey guys. For my first post on the forums (eep) I need some feedback on my video.

I know, I know, the solo is incredibly dodgy. I didn't rerecord as I felt it had a nice kind of energy that would have been lost if I'd kept trying it. I tried to (slightly) mimick "Jizz Da Pit"'s noise by Slash's Snakepit, by keeping the tempo fast and stuff.

So yeah, any comments are welcome (even if you bitch about it)
Its good but the main improvment issue I would suggest is practise your vibrato, listen to diffrent kinds (other than slash) and develop your own style to it. then your playing will solos will sound more complete, fuller, more blusey and just all round better.

but yea just keep on practasing
Do you know of any other bands I'd like? Blues rock and hard rock. I listen to a lot of Joe Perry's stuff in Aerosmith and the Cult, Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, etc. The problem is there aren't many guitarists who can play like Slash. But Yeah, thanks for the advice.

(what do you mean by practice my vibrato? How do I improve it? )
I'd recommend Rory Gallagher for some seriously good blues guitar playing.
just bend a string anywere and hold it and apply some vibrato, try all diffrent types. slow, fast, big and wydle and small and quick. try it all over the neck and just remember practise makes perfect.

I watched your by the sword cover and its great but lacking vibrato as well.
no worries just remember that your vibrato will always sound different from your favorite artists. you can mimic them very closely but it will probably feel un natural to your playing style. so just play it your way, make it your own!

there is nothing wrong with that