I don't even know how radio stations store their music or how they operate

I have 20.2gb
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Dunno about radio stations.....don't really listen to them much

and myself 80GB +
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Probably several TBs? I have no idea to be honest. I have around 10GBs of music... and only listen to about 1GB of it haha.
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the one's that have been around for awhile have a lot, though I doubt they play the majority of it.

like Live 105. I call in and ask for one song I KNOW they have, and that balhfaslkogtsh doesn't play it on Rewind.
I don't know, I always imagine radio stations having a room filled with CD's up to the ceiling.
Two bands I'm obsessed about : Coheed and Cambria.
On Thanksgiving holiday my local radiostation plays their entire catalog from A-Z starting on Wednesday night I believe, and ending Sunday night. I'm guesstimating, but 22 hours of music a day for about 4.5 days thats about 1,500 songs more or less?....Way less than I have on my Mp3 player...
I spose they must get rid of some of the old stuff after it becomes less popular. If it's that kind of station.

UG and Sporcle are both fantastic time wasting devices.
i'd say about a terabyte and a half.

i have approximately 510gb (and i think radio stations should have about 3 times me)
i generally listen to about 20gb of that.
but i like to put those lil bitch emo teens in there place when they get all tough about how much music they have
My friends dad friend worked in a radio station and the station closed so they put everything on a 1.5 terabyte hard drive. My friend somehow go it and let all of his friends take all the music they wanted. I ended up with something like 160 gigs. Now I only have 8 gb.
I have 1.4Tb of music. And when the likes of John Peel were on the radio (I used to listen to Peel a LOT) you were talking thousands upon thousands of vinyls in the studio.