Hi....im kinda new to recording my own stuff...ive always been writing but i never really recorded it....this song is kinda something i did as i time test...i forced myself to write and record a whole song within an hour. im not too happy with how the vocals turned out but after an hour i stopped so i didnt really fix or change anything....which really sucks cause some of the lyrics are fumbled....anyway...please tell me if I should consider perfecting this song or just dumping it. Thank you in advance


heres the lyrics

I should have asked so long ago
I should have let you know
but my head was spun around
dealing with my own fake frowns
and maybe you actually cared
and maybe i wasnt aware
but my ears were without sound
i was lost and never found
all i do is dream about our conversation running around
every time is just missing that crucial phrase my head is wound, wound, wound.
tell me what i did wrong (x4)
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Your voice reminds be of Billy Corgan and and that's a good thing. I think the recording quality is fine for a home demo. The song is definitely catchy and you have very fitting vocals for it. I think your voice should be a little more clear during the verses but hey Thom Yorke gets away with his stuff Yeah the chorus is definitely my favorite part of the song . But yeah keep playing it sounds good as you get better equipment you can play around with maybe adding drums and other instruments but now you have a good vision for what you want in the song and it sounds good.

Check my track out and tell me what you think??
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It's pretty cool, I actually think it's quite cool as a lo-fi song (But I have a bias towards that sort of stuff)

The vocals are quite cool, I disagree with the Billy Corgan comment, as I dislike him, haha. They sound quite child-like, and I think it fits in with the guitar melody.

I do think that you should add more instruments though, just to spice it up.

Keep up the good work!

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