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Me and my band are working on our new batch of songs. This is the first finished one and were looking to include elements from alot of Japanese symphonic metal we like but also wanna have tons of modern death metal influence. Eitherway lemme know what you guys think and thanks in advance!

Working title is Dropping Like Flies, we have not yet recorded it but we will soon. If curious you can check out our current stuff on our myspace at www.myspace.com/devilsofloudunmusic

Files were pretty big so I had to ZIP em.

C4C as always
Dropping Like Flies.zip
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That's some amazing music man, I enjoyed every moment of it!
It's very melodic, also very powerful too. Very good songwriting there man!
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lol wow sorry dunno how i managed to miss that.

I usually make basses six strings just so i can copy in paste guitar tracks into it and make changes from there rather than rewriting everything.

thank you tho!
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Absolutely amazing, really powerful, melodic epic stuff. Some of the chord progressions are just pure genius. This is metal/deathcore how it should be, very bleeding through esque with a progressive edge. Record it!
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