I'm very new to the world of very loud guitar amps, I'm just about to come into possesion of a 1974 Marshall JMP 50w. I see a lot of people put their amps on top of some sort of floor mat, I assume this is to stop vibrations going to the floor, is this a specialist piece of equipment? Can you get mats made for this purpose, or will any old floor mat do? Any advice appreciated, cheers.
Not sure about mats. Probably any carpet will absorb some low end for improved clarity. I know Joe Bonamassa uses special platforms for his stacks. They are said to remove the low end rumble and make his sound less muddy.
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When I used my 120w 1/2 stack, I built a carrier with retractable wheels that stopped the thing from wandering across the sage. Even the cab's plain block bases were not enough to hold it. My base had thick carpet that the cab stood on. For the amp, I used 2" thick padding (out of some big Hi-fi cabinets) under the feet to allow best ventilation and chained the beast to D rings on the top of the cab.
Played some places with very uneven floors!
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