Okay, so I play in an English Melodic Metalcore Band (Bridge the gaps between Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage + Deftones sorta sound.) And i have been looking into Overdrive pedals.

I am using a Bugera 6260 all tube guitar head. I remember seeing something a while back which said that with every tube amp for the best tone, metal wise, run a ibanez tube screamer infront of it. I have just been hearing that OD pedals infront of the distortion channel give the sound more bite? Only thing i think personally is, OD sounds ****ing awful on a clean channel and i haven't really had the experience of hearing one through a distortion channel but thought it would make the sound more muddy? I remember the days of running a boss metalzone through the clean channel on my amp, if the pre amp gain was too high, it sounded mega fuzzy and crap which is why i have doubts about running an overdrive into a distortion channel. I have active EMG 81, 85 in my guitar and my ideal tone would be Joel Stroetzel from Killswitch engage ( HOW are his live pinches so ****ing strong?! Can anyone answer that? I can pinch harmonic very well, but they are so tight live it's untrue)

If anyone could offer me their knowledge or experience with OD pedals please post a reply.

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yeah an od pedal like e.g. a tubescreamer into the overdrive channel should do that.
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