Alrighto chaps, hello to everyone. As you must've noticed already, this is a screamin blues pedal from digitech, thing is, i've heard and read very mixed reviews about it, i've heard the pedal, although not in person, and i liked it in one occasion, and hated it in another. I know nothing beats trying it out in person, but what do you guys think ? Is it good ? Does anyone have any experience with it ?
i've used it, but never owned one. for under 50 bucks, it's not too bad for what it is. really it depends on what amp you're using and what kind of music your play. i would recommend other pedals though before this one. maybe try to pick up a used keeley blues driver? it will be more than $50 though. how much were you looking to spend?
Get a bad monkey. Does the tubescreamer thing better than a ts9 in my opinion. I say this having used both and previously owning a ts9.
A Keeley bluesdriver is a great pedal too, but the bad monkey is awesome, and seriously cheap.
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Well, i currently have around 35 euros, but it's my birthday this sunday, and my nan always gives me money. The Screamin Blues is 48 euros here, bear in mind i'm in Portugal, i'm trying not to spend much more, but i can save money rather quickly if i want to.

@blkdtr I play old metal, think around 80s, I also love Gilbert and his old band, Racer X, so that's a sort of reference point. Also, in terms of amp, a Randall RT50C fully tube should be arriving this month thanks to UG. I'll check out the keeley blues driver.

@jimbob78 I've heard nice things about the Bad Monkey, you'd take it over a ts9 ? I'll check that out too, nice plus if I end up choosing that one is that the price is the same as the SB here.
If you don't have much money for anything else, the SB is good.

I owned it for a while and it was a nice crunchy sounding overdrive pedal. Try the Screaming blues and try the bad monkey too and see which one you prefer.
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Just found this:
Very good pedal, very decent sound (with the exception of a bad buffer and being a tone-sucker); but at the same time, it sounds a good deal more boxy and less amp-like than a couple of the pedals it is said to ‘kill’. And for the record, the Bad Monkey sounded much more like a tubescreamer to me than a bluesy overdrive.

Alright, I'm still going to try it out regardless of what the guys says, but does the Screamin Blues sound bluesier than the Bad Monkey ?
Might be a stupid question considering the name, but regardless. I'm still consider the BM heavily, but i really am torn between the two.

I'll just have to try them out, now finding a store that has both is going to be tricky




Monkey on Lead Boost and the Screamin on the last clip, settings are almost the same, I prefer the SB, that's where i am headed, thanks for the help guys. Also, even though i'm headed for the blues, which one do you prefer ?
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To be clear, are you using this for bluesy playing or a lead/gain boost?
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