So I have a problem with my Crate Flexwave 120W Head going through my Krank Revolution 4x12 speaker cab.
Every time I turn it on it makes this popping sound constantly.
It does this from any time between 2mins and 15mins.
When it pops the tuner flashes all red, so maybe its a problem with the inbuilt tuner?
another weird thing is that it didnt happen when i was at a different house so there could also be a problem with the electronics in my house.

Anyone have any other suggestions/fixes.

I know its a bad head and I plan on upgrading as soon as I can get the money but I want either a mesa dual rec, h&k trilogy or ENGL invader so it will take me about a year to get enough.
my buddy's head did the same exact thing. it turns out the power supply died, cost 50 bucks to fix. not that big of a deal
Edit - ^ what he said

I think you may have answered your own question.

Bad house power?

Take it to another place again or 2 different places to confirm.

Buy a power conditioner?

And I doubt it is the tuner. The tuner is just doing that because the amp is popping.