I know this does not belong here, but this area has the most people viewing it.
I have a flight that leaves in 6hours and need some quick advice.

I am heading back to university in Montreal (From Toronto). I have always taken the train. With the train you can pretty much carry on all your baggage.
There was a cheap flight I saw and decided to do that (cuts the travel time down by 4hours).

Airline is AirCanada.

Of course I have 2 electric guitars to bring.

Options -

-- I have no hardcase. I place both guitars wrapped in bubble and towels into the same soft case (its a bigger sized one) and attempt to carry it on, fully knowing they might make me check the guitars. Hopefully the bubble and towels can take a few mis-handles and drops if there are any... Also, checking a 2nd bag costs 100$ for a 60minute flight...

-- They are bolt on necks -- I take the necks off and pack them in my regular suit case. At least this way they are packed in amongst all my clothes, cushioned, and you cant "see" that it has guitars in it. (stops theft). - Follow up - will the truss rod slip at all after being unbolted? any other set up issues I should worry about?

What would you do? Any other ideas?

I have called and they gave me the run around "We accomdate muscians and guitars are USUALLY okay to bring on board, yatta yatta yattta, at the descretion of the cabin crew you may be asked to check the baggage."
You shouldn't have much trouble if you remove the necks since I don't think it will be a long flight. Maybe you could put both guitars in the same bag wrapping each part seperately.
Just make sure it's not a B.C. Rich, I mean..The banter around the airplane is that there's an assassin on board and he's using an obscure killing device consisting of mostly pointed edges.
A lot of airlines will let you store them in the flight attendant's coat locker.
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May I just ask, won't just ONE guitar do?

Yep. I just packed it up. Only one guitar...

I tried to get both into a backpack but it just wouldn't fit.
So I have my strat body in the padded place in the backpack where the laptop usually goes. Which means my laptop will now be carried in my hand.
The neck pretty much fits in also, just the headstock sticks out. This will be my carry on so the guitar will never leave my side.

What a pain in the ass...

Thanks for your replies.