Hello everyone,
I'm new to the forums. I'm hoping to get some feedback and assitance with my recordings.
First things first, here's some links to my stuff:


I have my guit plugged into my Line 6 Toneport UX1.
I'm running Cockos Reaper for my DAW (love it)
With either Amplitube 3, Guitar Rig 3&4.
Superior Drummer 2.0 & EzDrummer DFH

I'd really appreciate some feedback if any of you have time.
Thanks in advance,
Bieberlicious gave me a solid All that remains feel... upbeat but still agressive. Very cool track... The guitars seem like they could be a little more prominent in the mix...but the way they are works with the ambiance of the track. It would just be kickass if it had more of a "punch".

Djent has the same problem... the guitars seem "far away" in the mix.. very cool riffs though.

Check out the song Finding an End in my profile... we are using the same equipment so you can compare.
I know what you mean. I've been told the guitars are a little weak.
I just opened up Reaper, and doubled each track. I added more presence to the duplicated one, and increased the Mid and Bass a little.
It seems to do the trick.
I checked out your song, and I hear the difference right away. I'll keep beefing them up going forward.
Thanks for the comments.
If you add a low and high pass to each EQ to get rid of the junk frequencies you will define the tones further as well.
Might sound stupid, but how do I do that?
the only thing I did was add compression to the master track and fixed it up as I liked it.
Hey, sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you.

Just gonna type as I listen.

Mellow - I really dig this song, the ambient type intro is killer. Great riffage and the pads in the back really add a nice feeling for the verses(?) of the song. Nice transition into the 2 minute mark--I think a harmonized part panned opposite would be a great touch here; same goes for 3:55. Solid solo!

Djent Enough - Sweet intro, I love ping-pong delay. Awesome thick tone for the lead part. Very cool, ominous vibe. Drums and guitar both seem a bit weak this mix, as stated above. Cool rhythms throughout. Liking the faster part at ~2:40. I think this would be an awesome section for a lead line or two, it's kinda barren as is. The part that starts around 4:00 (I think this was the open riff too) would sound a lot cooler if you actually played it djent style, those octaves will pop very well.

Bieberlicious - Another cool intro. Really like section that starts at 0:25. Guitars do seem mixed in the distance still, the ambient pads are taking up way too much of the middle and having the guitars panned hard L/R leave the whole middle empty. Killer chugging riffs. Love the melody/lead part at ~1:30. Bit of a rough transition into the section at 1:38, but I really like the sound of the chords here, big and full. Throughout this part the drums seem a bit awkward coming back in after cymbal parts that compliment the guitar line. 2:48 is awesome, great chords again, but I think the pads are a bit of an overkill here again, it all seems a bit too ambient, maybe try having additional guitar tracks to create those harmonies. Drums sound a bit off again going into the bridge(?) at 4:50; sounds like the song kinda skips in.

General mixing/tone stuff: I'd make sure you always have at least one centered guitar track so the center of your songs aren't empty, and/or pan your L/R guitars 70-50% instead of 100%. Your lead tones were great in these three recordings, but your rhythm tones tended to sound a bit thin, especially the djent tones. Drums were generally good. The programming was very well done. My only complaint in that department is the kick sounds flat in the mix (this is just my personal taste when it comes to mixing kicks, so take with a grain of salt) and think it should pop a lot more, especially when it's playing in sync with a guitar riff.

Overall, great songs!
Let's party.
Thanks for the feedback. I had no clue anyone posted anything on here since I haven't checked it in a while.
I agree with just about all your points. I sometimes just post stuff before making sure it's completely done. I just ignore the little things like where the drums jumped out and sounded weird in the mix.
I've started to use impulses which is making the sound of the guitars a lot more powerful, and I plan on making a 3rd guitar track on my next stuff to ensure it doesn't sound so empty.
Thanks for all the comments. I'll look into your stuff once I'm home (at work).