I'm installing some new pickups in my prs se singlecut (sh-2/sh-5) and i need some help with choosing which wiring schematic to go with. I found 3 different ones on the seymour duncan website but i don't know the difference sound wise between them.

here are the 3 i found: 2hb, 2v, 2t, 3 way switch, 2 Series/Parallel

2hb, 2v, 2t, 3 way switch, 2 Push/Pulls

2hb, 2v, 2t, 3 way switch, Series/Parallel

There's also the standard 2hb, 2v, 2t, 3 way switch, which i probably will end up going with but i was just wondering what tones i would get with the other options. I generally play heavier stuff (metallica, lamb of god...), sometimes a little classic rock.

P.S. I will be drilling 2 new holes for the pots.
Series wiring on a humbucker gives a louder sound, parellel gives a brighter but not as loud sound. having a series/parrallel switch would let you choose between them.