I'm usually only into hard rock and metal and that stuff, but this was pretty damn good
la de da.
thanks man! we are huge metal/ death metal, hardcore guys...been in those types of bands and what not...but this music seems to come the easiest to us.

we add a lot 3rds harmonies over lead and most rhythm parts...so in a way it gives it that little bit of a metal feel. i guess thats kind of our style! haha
This is great but it would be even better if you did this as a metal song it would be amazing The song Structure is some of the best ive heard on this site and your recording quality is good

Crit mine?


Idea 2 (02-09-2010)
Idea 1 (27-08-2010)

This is a MotherFxcking Invatation
thanks man! yea we have some ideas for a few songs in particular that we will combine some acoustic and some metal.

sick tracks dude. idea 2 should have a lead part or an octave harmony part over it. something to spice it up! very well done though! what drum program are you using?