I am looking for a rapper through the internet to collaborate on some electronic/experimental music with me. The nature of this project is one that is fairly unique, especially when considering the incorporating of rap and more rhythm. For those look for an exciting and different form of music to be rapping along with (in collaboration with my compositions and my own melodic vocals) please send me a PM or message here or on myspace.

I have released a demo of my own music last month, and am beginning to conceptualize some new music. At the bottom of my media player I have posted a new track titled "Tir Nan Og" in which I would like some rapping vocals in the earlier portion with the beats. As a note, I am not looking for generic rap lyrics (money, girls, cars, etc.). Thematically the lyrics will have more to do with spirituality, mythology, nature, atheism, and the like. In addition, you will need to have a decent mic (at least) to record your vocals.

If interested contact me and we can speak further. Please have samples of your vocals!