Hi guys,

I'am currently learning It Means Nothing by stereophonics. It says capo on 2nd fret and lists the following chords G Cadd9 and em7. Do I just make these chord shapes starting from the 3rd fret. I'm really confused, how it all works. Any help would be appreciated. thanksx
if the capo is on the the 2nd fret, the 3rd fret becomes the 1st fret. Just move everything up. The capo acts as the nut of the guitar.
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You play the chords with the same fingering as normal.
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And you can always play it without the capo... the song will be in a lower key, is all.. will still sound the same (unless you're trying to play along with a recording).
Was there no part of you that thought to finger the first chord with the capo on 2nd fret, and see how it sounded? God some people need spoon-feeding.