I'm looking for a new guitar in the $500 - $700 range. I find Bridge Pins annoying when changing strings and noticed that Breedlove, Ovation, and some Takamines don't use them. They are setup more like an electric. Do you know of any other decent guitar brands or models that do not use bridge pins? It would be a very nice feature to have. Thanks!
Is it really a big enough issue that it would cause you to limit the types of guitars you'd be willing to buy?
Besides them, most small time luthiers.
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i picked up a breedlove c250/cm over labor day weekend. i was torn between seagull and breedlove. in the end breedlove came out on top. theyre made by the same people who made taylor guitars. Also there are no bridge pins. the action is amazing. they come set up like a dream and mine plays like butter. i love it more than my dog. it sounds pretty good plugged in and sounds great unplugged. its been a week since i got it, i played every day and the weather has been changing yet it is still in tune. the built in tuner works great also and i think its an awesome feature.

i love my guitar, but it all depends on if you like it. my two cents is you should check it out.