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I think the title says it all. I'm looking for this type of songs to play. I already know yesterday and blackbird by the beatles. Do you know more?
You must live a sheltered life to have to ask for songs with acoustic guitar and vocals.
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Basicly anything by the great Simon & Garfunkel!
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by tenacious d
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A lot of Tenacious D songs
Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah
Hayley Williams - Teenagers
Green Day - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)... well, almost.
Or just any acoustic versions of songs by bands that you already like that exist.
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You could try rearranging songs you like into acoustic versions. Pretty good practice, too.
The general by dispatch is the best acoustic song
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City & Colour.

Thank me later.
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Nick Drake's Pink Moon album is just about the best example of 'just guitar and vocals' out there in my opinion.
Two Coins - Dispatch
Sunshine - Matt Costa
You can pretty much adapt anything by Jack Johnson to just acoustic guitar and vocals.
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The torch by dropkick murphys
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far away - jose gonzalez

play with fire - rolling stones

skinny love - bon iver

and of course

john wayne gacy - sufjan stevens

also anything by city and colour as mentioned earlier
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Nick Drake's Pink Moon album is just about the best example of 'just guitar and vocals' out there in my opinion.

Jackson C Frank would like a word with you.
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Jackson C Frank would like a word with you.

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The acoustic version of Everlong.
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Probably not your cup of tea but some Joni Mitchell stuff and pretty much the whole Indigo Girls back catalogue, got a feeling you're looking for stuff like Johnny Cash, Nick Drake as mentioned, John Martyn, there's a lot to choose from if you look.
"A Song for Milly Michaelson" by Thrice, or any of Dustin Kensrue's solo work for that matter. Another great song is "Space Cadet" by Kyuss, but has some effects in it though. You could also try "Macy's Day Parade" by Green Day and just ignore the drums.
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Random band unplugged youtube search. Look here :O
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Soco Amaretto Lime - Brand New
Play Crack the Sky - Brand New
She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty - Vic Fuentes and Johnny Craig
Kissing in Cars - Pierce the Veil
Running from Lions (The Party Scene version) - All Time Low
Try - Dear and the Headlights
Or just acoustic versions of songs.
The majority of songs by Secondhand Serenade
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too many

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City & Colour.

Thank me later.


I prefer the Bring Me Your Love album over Sometimes, more character.
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