Hey Azz here,
I'm the guitarist in Wrath Divine (www.myspace.com/wrathdivineuk).
We are so far are a bass player, Chris "Muzz" Musgrove, Singer, Daryl Ward and myself.
At least 17 - 18 or so songs fully written, 4 or 5 of which are in demo form or are currently being recorded.

Influneces include; Dream Theater; Symphony X; Exodus; Metallica; Clutch; Aryeon; Black Sabbath; The Haunted; Devin Townsend; Nevermore; Onslaught; Opeth; Rush; Testament and Zimmers Hole... Just to name a few.

We a fun bunch of guys love a good time and a laugh, but very serious when it comes to making music! Even though i have pissed my pants a few times over certain songs *cough*crash and burn*cough* lol You'll know what I mean at some point...
Just basically looking for a like minded person in Nottingham.

contact me @ Azz_imagesandwords@hotmail.com or www.myspace.com/wrathdivineuk