Great ****ing band featuring Chris from Magrudergrind on drums. DOC play some awesome noisy, dirty, sludgy, ****ed up, powerviolence edged grindcore reminiscent of the stuff drugged out west coasters were making in the mid to late 90's, a la Despise You, etc. Listen to them if you like your grind blown out, distorted, and as slow as it is fast.

holy fuck this band is sick
saw them in a basement in appleton, wisconsin with SFN fucking awesome. too bad i was too poor to buy anything from them
i didn't know until after the show that the dude from magrudergrind was in it
i was also stoked on that really young looking kid playing bass! seeing kids that play good music is always awesome.
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Holy shit,this is ****ing destroying me! So intense.The noise in 12 is the best.
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