I have a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier I play it with high gain on the 3rd channel (3 o´clock) I get a lot of feedback
can a Noise gate such as MXR smart gate or ISP Decimator solve this problem?

Consider I´m not using any pedals at all just my Guitar pluged to my Amp and the dirty channels of it
I don´t get feedback problems with my clean channel 1
I get the feedback problem on reheasal and live situations
My guitar have seymour duncan sh-4
My cab is a B-52 ST412 with celestion V30´s
I have no problems of hum nor hiss

please help me!!!
If you need more info ask me please!
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Maybe don't put the gain at 3 oclock? Try coating the electronics cavity in the back of your guitar with tin foil.

Use an overdrive pedal and then turn the gain on the amp down to about half of what it is. I've always thought OD's really helped all of the recto's. ISP Decimator would probably help a lot as well.