Holy smokes, i've been wanting this amp for about 16 months now... and I'VE FOUND IT!

Totally new, though bought "second hand".

May I introduce you to my new Epiphone So Cal 50!

Not bad, eh?

With that, I got me a marshall cabinet with Eminence speakers; the Marshall M412A.

Note: This is NOT the MG series, and i chose this because the speakers come close to the original so cal cab speakers.

So, here's a review.

Epiphone So Cal 50

With it's 50 watts of full tube power it proves to be loud enough. Though Switchable to a 25 watts mode, for bedroom use this is loud enough. Too loud maybe even. The basic controls are available; On/Off, Standby switch, Presence, Reverb, Bass, Mid, Treble, Which are shared setting over the 2 channers. The gain channel has additional controls, which are Level, Contour and Gain. The Clean channel gives you plain Volume setting. The back panel is quite easy, it's got the Power in, Fuse, Power selector switch, 2x 4Ohm output, 2x 8Ohm output, 1x 16Ohm output, and the Footswitch output.

The amp features 2 EL34's for it's power section, and a small army of 5 12AX7's, for pre-amp and reverb. the reverb is very deep, to the point where it's not usable anymore on full power. The gain channel goes from classic rock to blues. Do not expect any metal tones out of this amp, whithout any pedals. The amp takes pedals very good though, my Boss and Behringer pedals sound great! The EQ has 2 different settings, Interactive and Independent. It switches between a smart EQ which will lower your treble as you turn the bass up, or just the old fender style EQ, though this function seems to suck up power in some way. The volume goes down if you use this EQ type.

The amp looks well built, though i haven't owned it for long, it hasn't gained a scratch or anything. No major issues, it looks rock solid. I haven't played it for longer then 90 minutes yet, but the head doesn't get hot, because of plenty ventilation.

There's nothing much more to say about the Epiphone So Cal 50, since it's a fairly easy amp. That's the way I like it. I've heard people dislike the missing Effects Loop, but i'm not really missing it. I have no effects to put in there though, so I think it's just a matter of being use to having one or not.

Hope this quallifies as a good enough review to not get this closed.

Expect a video clip soon

I'm out.
Congratz.....I've never played I llok fwd to some clips.....
Playing on some new gear....review to follow
Wow looks awesome man hnad!, ya 25 watt tube sounds loud enuf for bedroom level lol
Looks sweet! Clips man clips!!

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why is there a marshall footswitch? i realize you got it new but second hand so i'm really confused.
You just earned a little more of my respect with the bass chillin in the rack.
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Quote by gregs1020
why is there a marshall footswitch? i realize you got it new but second hand so i'm really confused.

Well, he didn't have the original footswitch, and they are impossible to get around here. just like this amp, which keptme searching for over a year really.

the music store i bought the cab from had this second hand switch for a sweet price because im a regular. oh well, it works, and my stack says marshall, right?

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I played the So Cal head and loved it. Nice!


can you tell me how much 'metal' you can get out of it without a boost or anything? tight bitch it is no?

I'll put some of my metal playing (nothing good though) into the vid im going to make.

Quote by R.D
You just earned a little more of my respect with the bass chillin in the rack.

Hahaha, yeah, bass is fun! I also have a drumkit in this room, can I get a little bit more respect now?