Im looking for an amp i can gig with spending up to £500 but obv if theres something much better for just over i will consider it. My guitars are a fender jaguar, dean z79, fender strat. I use a lot of pedals so i dont really want an amp with effects as that would probably be a waste of money. I play heavy rock/alternative/metal but am lookign for an amp with a good clean sound for my songs as i have a boss metal zone so getting a metal tone shouldnt be hard.
I was considering the Hayden Mofo Halfstack for £499 but would like some opinions
hope you can help
I'd heavily suggest looking used.
I was in a similar situation to you last month. (well what I play is a bit different).
I ended up with a Cornford Roadhouse 30 for £480 which is a great purchase, it's got grean cleans, a boost section which can deal with your crunch then if you put a decent Distortion or Overdrive in front of it you can get it up to higher gains easily (though I'd suggest looking elsewhere than your metal zone!).

Used you can get some gems!

But looking new, the Hayden Mofo doesn't seem a bad option, though I don't know a great deal.
Also (not to seem like a bandwagon jumper!) the Jet City JCA20h and cab comes roughly under your price I believe.
Another which I took a look at which should suit you is the VHT Lead 20. It's obviously nothing like the VHTs that were made under the eye of Fryette but from what I checked out of it it seemed like a solid amp, that'll come roughly £400 if you go for the combo.