In two days. He's a WWII veteran with no family. Someone has posted details on Facebook about it and that anyone is invited to his birthday. I would post a link but I'm on my iPod touch and pretty restricted with what I can do. Search his name on facebook And send him a card! I'm going to do it. He deserves it. His b'day is on the fourth of this month!

Edit: i was gunna post his address for you but seeing as there are some total arseholes on here, if you're up for sending him a card, you can look his address up yourself. It's on the facebook page
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Haha can't believe no one's replied to this yet! It'd be really awesome if we could get loads of people doing it. It's really quite uplifting.
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Nobody really cares, dude.

Evidently. Pretty sad really. Oh well, life's a bitch.
Did he even ask for this? If so, great, go for it.

If not: Stay the f*ck out of his life. People blowing shit up for no reason.