i have a koa topped strat with an alder body, and a crack formed on both sides of the pegs holding the tremolo in place due to the string tension. is this repairable? if not, would it be ok to wedge the peg to keep it upright, or would this make the crack worse?

any info from someone with this kind of experience would be appreciated

thanks in advance
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pictures help to see the severity of the problem
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Most of the time, a luthier will humidify the guitar and allow the crack to disappear. At that point, they force glue into the crack and allow it to set. Cracks normally develop in guitars that have been allowed to "dry out." It usually happens to solid top acoustics in the Winter. Your crack may've developed due to too much stress being placed on the koa top. Probably still repairable, just depends on what the guitar is worth and how much you want to spend.